Cocoa growing on Maya Mountain in Belize is surrounded by banana and avocado trees. It has hints of blackberries, raisins and chocolate brownie, as well as a smooth and buttery finish.

Belize Maya Mountain 70%

  • Facts about cocoa


    Country: Belize

    Region: Maya Mountain

    Producer: Maya Mountain Cacao

    Bought via: Uncommon Cacao

    Growth height: 100-220 masl

    Harvest: March-May 2017

    Fermentation: Wooden boxes 6-7 days



    50g chocolate Cocoa content 70%.



    Cocoa beans *, cane sugar * * Organic ingredients May contain traces of MILK


    Nutrition declaration (per 100g):

    Energy: 2395 kJ, 572 kcal Fat: 37 g - of which saturated 22 g Carbohydrates: 51 g - of which sugars: 30 g Protein: 10 g Salt: 0 g


    Store dry and cool 14-18 ° C. Enjoyed at room temperature.


    Made in Sweden by:

    Standout Chocolate

    Färåsvägen 45

    42837 Kållered

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