Wonderful coffee with taste notes of chocolate mousse, tropical fruit and citrus.


About the producer


Israel founded the company Kerchanshe in 2013, which is named after the nearest town, Kerchanste town (also known as Kercha). Today he owns 26 washing stations and a few dry-mills. He has built all this in just 7 years.


Israel was born near Sidamo, Yirgalem, and his parents were both associated with coffee but in different ways. His mother sold coffee at the bus station and his father was a farmer. This is where he found his love of coffee.


The Uraga process station is located at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level, but most farms that supply coffee to Uraga are even higher up.


Around Uraga there are many small farms and forestries, and about 1200 of them also deliver coffee to the process station. Most of them have 2-3 hectares of land, which is slightly larger than in many other regions. On the days when they do not deliver coffee, many of them work at the process station.

Ethiopia - Uraga

  • Light roasted coffee beans

    250 grams


    Sourced by Joanna Alm


    Origin: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia

    Producer: Israel Degfa

    Bean type: Local native varieties and 74110

    Process: Natural / Berry dried

    Cultivation height: 2050 meters above sea level.

    Taste profile: Chocolate mousse, tropical fruit, citrus


    Brewing methods:

    Filter brew, presso, aeropress (not coffee machines)


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