Organic Brazilian coffee with warm notes of chocolate, almonds and cane sugar.


About the producer


The name of Fazenda Minamihara comes from the surname of the Japanese family who arrived in Brazil as immigrants in the 1930s to work with coffee. They started producing coffee in the state of Parana and in 1973 moved to the municipality of Cristais Paulista in the region of Franca in the state of São Paulo, which presented several favorable conditions for growing coffee.


The Minamihara family pass on their skills and passion for growing coffee from one generation to another. Today, Anderson administers Minamihara, along with his parents and grandparents who gave him this knowledge.

Fazenda Minamihara is engaged in producing high-quality coffee, investing in new technology and is constantly looking for more sustainable production methods.


The farm is organically certified, which means that no toxic pesticides or herbicides are used, only biological treatments. The production process does not degrade the soil and at the same time raises the quality. The coffee grows in the shade of avocado trees and the farm's soil is organically balanced, which gives a special complexity to the cup. Fazenda Minamihara has more than 95 hectares of the farm's total 150 hectares planted with coffee of the varieties Mundo Novo, red and yellow Catuaí, Obatã, Bourbon Amarelo and Tupi.

Brazil - Minamihara Organic

  • Light roasted coffee beans

    250 grams


    Sourced by Ally Coffee ( )


    Origin: Fazenda Minamihara, Alta Mogiana, Brazil

    Producer: Anderson Mitsuhiro Minamihara

    Bean type: Mundo Novo, Red and Yellow Catuai, Obatã, Yellow Bourbon, Tupi

    Process: Natural / Berry dried

    Cultivation height: 900 meters above sea level.

    Taste profile: Chocolate, almonds, cane sugar


    Brewing methods:

    Filter brew, presso, aeropress (not coffee machines)


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