A round coffee with honey-like sweetness, hints of red currants and cocoa beans.


About the producer


The COMICOVEL cooperative in San Juan Intibucá consists of small producers who grow coffee organically and with a focus on environmentally comprehensive sustainability.


The cooperative is the result of the Catholic relief service's Blue Harvest Project, which provides support for the improvement of agriculture throughout Central America and is led by Carlos Guevara and Wendall Erazo. To date, the Blue Harvest project has helped 1,400 producers transform their farms into ecosystems that protect the forest and its freshwater sources.


The coffee is processed using basic depulping and fermentation methods. The coffee is fermented in concrete tanks for 18-24 hours and then washed in washing channels. Most farmers dry their own coffee on cast patios or sometimes also on raised beds in greenhouses for 14-20 days.


The Opalaca mountain range spreads between the dry divisions of Intibuca and Lempira. Thanks to the extensive agricultural management in Opalaca, sufficient humidity is maintained to successfully grow coffee in this region. Coffee trees gives color to otherwise bright slopes.


With altitudes extending from 1400 to 1800 meters above sea level, there are many impressive peaks and mountain sides where you can glimpse small villages often consisting of a football field, a church and several houses which are then surrounded by coffee plantations. Most farms have nicely planted rows of coffee with a mix of government-promoted Lempira and IHCAFE 90 varieties as well as Catuaí.

Honduras - Comicovel Fairtrade Organic

  • Light roasted coffee beans

    250 grams


    Sourced by Ally Coffee ( )


    Origin: Opalaca, Honduras

    Producer: Comicovel Members

    Böntyp: Lempira, Catuaí

    Process: Washed

    Cultivation height: 1500 meters above sea level.

    Taste profile: Cocoa, red currants, honey


    Brewing methods:

    Filter brew, presso, aeropress (not coffee machines)


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